Which basement systems will stop your basement water leaks?


With so many  basement waterproofing companies out there and many giving different opinions on what basement systems will solve your problem, it can be very tough to decide which basement solution and which basement waterproofing contractor to choose.

First take a look at where the leak in basement is coming from to determine if you need to consider waterproofing basement walls or waterproofing basement floor.  If the water is coming out of the seam where the wall meets the floor and your basement walls are dry, an interior basement waterproofing system may be the way to go.  Water under your basement floor will not usually be solved by exterior basement waterproofing systems.

If your basement water leaks are through the walls, especially mid to upper basement walls, you may be a good candidate for exterior basement waterproofing.  But first take a look at your roof drains and other surface issues to be sure everything is working properly there.  Roof water dumping right at the foundation will wreak havoc on your foundation resulting in serious basement water leaks under heavy or moderate rains.

To best understand which of the available basement systems is best for your specific issues, consult a  basement waterproofing contractor that offers and installs all basement solutions.  Most basement waterproofing contractors actually only install one basement solution even though they may review all basement systems in an effort to steer you to the one they want to sell you.  Ask for references from customers who have had different solutions installed.

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