Wet Basement? When To Ask For Help

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Finish your basement and make it a usable extension of your home.

For many homeowners, the idea of having a private room for themselves is quite exciting.  Moreover, the idea of having extra livable space is sometimes a necessity.  Where can you find those extra square feet of livable space?  In Northeast Ohio, that is not a difficult problem.  Most basements in the area offer us the same square footage as the first floor of the home, and some of them can even offer an entrance to the basement without having to go through the first floor.

A finished basement, if it’s done well, can fit with the rest of the home without problems.  Walls, lights, and flooring can be achieved to match the decor and the feel of the rest of the house.  The basement, in other words, can be another finished floor of the home, with rooms everyone can enjoy.

But, to have a finished basement, there are steps to follow to achieve a beautiful floor with no problems. First of all, your home needs to have a dry basement to begin the process of finishing it.  The Northeast Ohio area is home to many older homes with a huge basement.  The only problem is that older homes tend to have basement waterproofing issues because of their age, the materials used, or the workmanship was poorly executed.  If your home has the square footage to have a beautifully finished basement but has problems with the basement waterproofing, it is time to call a basement waterproofing company to fix the leaks and waterproof the basement for you.

Basement waterproofing is a simple matter to fix when you know the problems and have the experience to fix those issues.  Whether it’s the exterior or interior of the home, Pioneer will diagnose the problems, offer you a solution to fix them, and explain the options at your disposal.

Many basement waterproofing companies will sell you the product they are selling without questioning whether that’s the service you need. Pioneer will offer you a hassle-free quote that’s specifically designed for your particular home. 

Do you need an interior basement waterproofing system or an exterior waterproofing job? Is the sump pump working properly? Do you need a new sump pump? Is there water coming from the subfloor? Is the leak coming from the outside? Is the foundation of the home safe, or has it been damaged? Can you do the basement waterproofing on your own? If those are some of the questions you have and need answers to them, Pioneer will address them and answered them fully to your satisfaction.

Basement waterproofing is not something we recommend homeowners do, it is not an easy project. It is difficult to do if you do not know what you are doing or you do not know the problem.  Painting the walls, or patching a wall does not necessarily mean you have fixed the problem. Moreover, if you are going to finish the basement after waterproofing it, you do not want to put walls, ceiling, or lights before you are absolutely sure the basement has no leaks anymore. A finished basement can become expensive if you need to redo things, especially if you need to fix a water leak that was never fixed properly.

For homeowners, finding the right company to do a job can be very time-consuming.  A Google search can give you hundreds if not thousands of basement waterproofing companies to do the job. But, can you really trust the job to any company?  In the Northeast Ohio area, Pioneer Basement Solutions is the only company you can trust to waterproof the basement of your home and do it well the first time around.

Many  Akron, Canton, Fairlawn, and Hudson areas are home to beautiful homes in need of basement waterproofing.  If you are a Northeast Ohio homeowner, and you need to waterproof the basement of your home, Pioneer Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair specialists are the company you need. We have the dedicated teams to deliver a waterproofed basement with the guarantees to back up our claims.

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