Wet Basement Problems

There are different basement issues that could result in a wet basement.  That is why you should have a  basement waterproofing contractor take a look at your wet basement and help you identify the problem and what needs done to dry out the basement before have other problems like wet basement mold or need foundation reinforcement.

But if you want to do some investigating yourself first, it is certainly an option.

Here are some things you can check out on your own.

Where is the water coming from?  Is it possibly a leaking pipe or your hot water tank?

Could your basement just be wet because of humidity?  Will a dehumidifier help?

Is there a crack in your foundation?  Do you need Homeowners Foundation Repair?  A good Ohio basement waterproofing company like Pioneer offers basement waterproofing and also offers basement foundation repair.

Is your spouting in good working order?  Sometimes if too much water is building up around the foundation it causes basement leaks.  Simply clearning your spouting could be the solution.

However, since a basement waterproofing estimate is free it makes sense to call someone and have them help you diagnose the problem.  Even if you think you know what the issue is, remember there can be more than one problem.







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