Waterproofing basement walls in Ohio

If you have wet basement walls you have likely looked at a can of waterproofing paint for waterproofing basement walls.  There are a few ways to waterproof basement walls and defining the term “waterproof” is good place to start.

Building codes require “damp proofing” not “waterproofing” for basement foundations.  Damp proofing involves a coating on the foundation below the soil line with footer drains to carry water away from the foundation.  Any new home warranty will clearly state that dampness is normal and not covered under the warranty, only actual water seepage is covered.

So, if you want  waterproofing basement walls you will need to install actual waterproof materials to the outside of the basement wall via exterior basement waterproofing methods.  This involves fully excavating your foundation to the bottom and installing a waterproof membrane, like a swimming pool liner in reverse, to your basement foundation. 

If that is not in the budget or not feasible, such as you have a patio or something outside the foundation you do not want to remove, you may need to consider interior basement waterproofing which is more like water control.  Installing interior basement waterproofing will give you a dry basement because it stops water from building up in your basement walls and around your foundation.  Waterproofing paint acts like a dam that allows water to build up in your foundation.  This will cause damage over time due to the soaking and rotting from the inside out that can occur.  

Many basement waterproofing companies offer a panelled system for waterproofing basement walls that will tie to the interior basement waterproofing underneath you basement floor.  This gives you a maintenance free dry basement wall surface and it protects your foundation from water build up that is caused by waterproofing paint.

For more information about waterproofing basement walls in northeast Ohio visit:  waterproof basements 

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