Waterproofing and Home Foundation

Your home is a big investment.  And that investment rides on the foundation that was built under your home.  So if you are having problems with your home foundation, such as a leak in basement, bowed basement walls or wet basement mold, you are putting your investment as well as your family at risk.

Homes in Ohio traditionally have basements and because Akron and Canton Ohio have many older homes, you have a lot of leaky basements and aging foundations.

The good news is that you have a lot of basement waterproofing options and there are good basement waterproofing companies in Akron and Canton.  Pioneer Basement Solutions is one of those companies that is helping home owners improve their homes and basements.

Whether you need a basement contractor to look at your leaky basement or your bowed basement walls, you can call Pioneer to get a free quote and find out more about what may be a serious foundational issue with your home.

Once people take care of basement issues, they can use the basement for storage or get a basement remodeling Ohio company.


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