Waterproofing Akron – After the Melt

We are Waterproofing Akron after the melt.

I have been getting quite a few phone calls recently about wet basements in Akron and Canton Ohio  after a snows melt.  Many people are saying they never had a leak before now and they are asking why is their basement now leaking?

Of course,  each basement needs specific assessment to determine the source of the basement leak but there are a few common causes.

When the snow piles up like it did this year in Ohio, it has more potential to saturate the ground around your home. When the snow melts fast, the original waterproofing system can become overwhelmed and the water simply has nowhere else to go. When this happens, it creates a water table around the foundation of your home that can create a lot of “hydrostatic pressure“.

Water pushes all around your basement walls and floor.  This is  like trying to push a bowl down into a sink of water, you can feel the water pressure push on the bowl and if you let go, the bowl will pop out of the water. But your basement is not going to pop out of the ground, so the water forces its way into paths of least resistance, usually the seam where the wall meets the floor.  Then you have a wet Ohio basement.

It could just be bad timing. At some point, all basements leak. The waterproofing system will most likely fail eventually because it is out in the elements. In Ohio, those elements can be harsh.  It could be that the heavy snow melt was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

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