Water proofing cost in Akron and Canton Ohio areas

If you have basement water leaks and are interviewing basement waterproofing companies you may have found that the  basement waterproofing cost they propose will be all over the board.  There are several factors that contribute to this and we will touch on them briefly.

The methods basement waterproofing companies use will impact the basement waterproofing cost significantly.  Choosing full exterior basement waterproofing will end up about tripple the cost of  interior basement waterproofing systems.  But if you truly need the exterior basement waterproofing approach to solve your problem it is worth the investment in your home to preserve your foundation.  You should see exterior basement waterproofing pricing avearge around $125 per linear foot.  There will be contractors in the $100/ft range and $150+ per foot range.

You will likely see more variance between interior basement waterproofing system quotes.  This is because there are very small home based basement waterproofing contractors that have lower overhead than the big guys you see on TV etc… who may have dozens of people in the office, several trucks on the road and huge marketing efforts they need to feed.  On the low side you may see $35 per foot and the high side around $75 per foot which may include some combination of outside work.

The key to making the best decision possible regarding your  basement repair is to identify the true problem and objectively considering all your options.

In the Akron and Canton (Kent Medina) and surrounding areas be sure to call Pioneer among the basement waterproofing companies you are considering for a no sales gimmick, no pressure straight talk assesment. 1-877-321-4889

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