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Across the Midwest, including Ohio, there are a lot of old homes which, eventually, start to experience water leaks or foundation issues. A water issue in your basement is most noticeable at the beginning of the wetter weather, but it is a important worry at any time. A large number of homes around Wadsworth, Ohio need to have the foundation and basement carefully looked at and made waterproof when they are over twenty years since last done. Remember it does not have to be a home that is older either. At times, newer constructed buildings experience foundation issues that are serious.

If you have a Wadsworth home with basement problems, please call Pioneer Basement Solutions at (888) 420-9900 today and schedule an appointment. Usually, you can get your waterproofing completed or have the home foundation inspected quickly and your home will become more dry and usable space.


The basement will have an increase in mildew and mold that can impact the health of people in the home. This can often make allergies flair up. It is sometimes as serious as black mold, which is a serious danger, or something like normal damp mildew, that is not good to be around and will damage stuff you might have boxed up in your basement.

If you do not fix your issue, minor basement leaks will grow into bigger leaks or at some point become an issue concerning the foundation of the house bowing and ending up a bigger project.

Unexpected bigger leaks the next time there is a big rainfall could cause damage to important items in your basement. Often it’s items such as clothes, photo albums, school papers or expensive artwork which are kept in the basement without concern because yesterday there was not a leak in the basement and you believed the basement was safe. It can surprise anyone.. Even a minor leak can become worse and you might not realize it until it is too late.


Wadsworth basement waterproofing is an important improvement to look into considering Ohio homes throughout the state are often not new and should have professional basement waterproofing pros inspect your basement to verify there are not issues that might get worse, and to report on what should be done to repair your leaks or humidity.

Wadsworth, Ohio is in Medina County, Ohio. It was founded in 1814, so there are quit a few old houses in the area and there are certainly there are a number of basements leaking badly. The city is close to Akron and Barberton and Pioneer provides Akron and Barberton waterproofing repairs as well. If you have a home with basement waterproofing concerns in Wadsworth Ohio, give us a call at 1 (888) 420-9900 and schedule the best time and date for Pioneer Basement Solutions to visit and inspect your basement. Look at our testimonials on Angies List. We have the experience.

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