Types of Foundation Repair for Homes

stock-photo-17128627-unfinished-basementDiscovering cracks in your home’s foundation requires locating the root source to repair and help prevent further damage. Foundation shrinkage, settling, and even natural disasters such as earthquakes cause cracks to form.

Sealants and Patches

Repairing small narrow cracks with patches or sealants is one of the most common methods to repair smaller sized cracks. Expandable caulk seals water out, protecting floor covering and preventing the crack from worsening. Although time consuming, this repair method is relatively simple to perform and moderately inexpensive. Patches and sealants are typically used for non-structural related cracks.

The Anchor System

Excessive pressure on foundations walls causes bowing when the pressure becomes too much for the walls to hold. A bowed foundation should be addressed as soon as possible before the wall collapses completely. The recommended repair for a bowing wall is a heavy-duty anchor system. Modern anchor systems provide a permanent solution to bowing and in some instances can even straighten the wall to its original position. This job is best left to an experienced professional to ensure the repair is completed properly.

Slab jacking

Sagging doors or cracks in the drywall may signal a sinking foundation. Foundations sink due to the soil under it drying up and shrinking. This issue is typically repaired by injecting a mix of ash, concrete and additives through holes drilled in the foundation slab. This procedure, often referred to as slab jacking, raises the foundation to a desirable position and helps to prevent future problems with sinking. Slab jacking is definitely a job you want a professional to complete, as it requires specialty tools and the ability to accurately determine where injections are needed.

Consult with a professional before attempting a foundation repair yourself, as you could do more harm than good if you use the wrong method to fix cracks and bowed walls. Most foundation specialist will provide a free quote and recommended repair methods.

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