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There is a lot of advice on how to waterproof your basement yourself, and although it seems simple,  protecting your basement from flooding or leaking is not so simple after all.  A local professional company that can guarantee their work, and offer years of experience and excellent customer service is probably the best advice for you.  Water in your basement can do a lot of damage to the foundation of your home. Leaving it unattended can lead to major problems in the future and more expensive repairs.  If you have a problem basement, call us we will be happy to talk to you.

Tackling that leaky basement

Ryan and Allyson Smith’s ranch-style home in Hillsdale didn’t lie in a flood zone, and the basement didn’t have a sump pump. But “we knew that we had an issue,” Ryan Smith said.

During heavy rains, puddles would appear in parts of the basement, coming up from the baseboard molding, Smith said of the home built in 1954. “We never really found the actual source of it. We just knew it would continue to happen.”

Homeowners have been dealing with wet basements — well, since there have been basements. Water can seep in from cracks in the foundation walls or trickle in from runoff or because of poor property grading. Hydrostatic pressure can push water up through the floor.

Ways to waterproof basements range from a simple sump pump to sealants and vapor barriers to high-tech drainage systems.

The trick is finding the best fit for your home and for your budget.

Basement Waterproofing

Does Your Basement have

  • Basement Water Leaks?
  • Smelly musty odor?
  • Mold and Mildew?
  • Dampness?
  • Paint Bubbling?
  • Walls starting to crack?
  • Walls Bowing In?

Want a dry basement ?

We at Pioneer solve basement problems

Leaky basement / basement water leaks, damp basement, moldy basement, cracks in basement foundation? No problem! Don’t let that basement space go to waste! Hundreds of square feet can be used for worry free storage, recreation, office, exercising, hobbies etc…

We are full service Basement Waterproofing Contractors offering all basement waterproofing methods available today. We customize the solution to fit your specific needs and preferences. Many basement waterproofing companies sell the same “one size fits all” basement system to every homeowner. NOT PIONEER! We offer all basement systems and evaluate the causes of your basement problems and review all basement solutions with you so you can make a well informed decision.

Cleveland Better Business Bureau warns about basement waterproofing jobs

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to do their homework before signing up for an expensive basement waterproofing job.

Gena Cerasuolo said she paid $7,000 to Buckeye Waterproofing in June, but is still concerned about water and moisture coming up through the basement floor of her Lyndhurst home.

Cerasuolo told the company came back to her home several times to make revisions, but said she is still worried the job won’t hold up.

“I do, I hold my breath, especially with the rainy month we’ve had in June,” said Cerasuolo. “They’re telling me that the concrete needs to dry, and that I need to give it time to cure, and that it will stop. But I’m not completely convinced of that.”

Cerasuolo and several other northeast Ohio consumers have filed complaints with the Cleveland Better Business Bureau against the company. The company now has a “D” rating.

Ericka Dilworth told there is concern the company is not always filing for the proper building permits.  Dilworth said complaints have been filed for a variety of issues.

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