Things to consider with basement repair


When considering a basement repair project involving problems with basement water leaks or bowed basement walls it is critical to take a close look at the basement waterproofing contractors and or foundation repair contractors in your area.

Are they licensed to do business in your city / town?  You would be shocked to know how many  basement waterproofing companies and foundation repair companies are not licensed, even 50 year old companies.  Avoiding the licenses saves money for the contractor and also keeps them under the radar of the officials.

What is the BBB track record.  The Better Business Bureau has recently gone to an A, B, C, D, F rating scale which actually makes it a little tougher to identify bad contractors.  Contractors who have multiple employees can have multiple complaints with the Bureau and still get an A+ rating.  Dig into the complaint history and take a look at what the complaints were about.

Consider joining Angie’s List.  This is an excellent referral source for finding all types of  contractors including basement waterproofing contractors / foundation repair contractors.  This will give you actual customer testimonials with a grade card rating several areas such as promptness, sales process, price etc…

When researching your basement repair project, always go for the obvious, ask friends, family, co workers, people at church etc… for a recommendation first.

And beware of any  basement repair contractor who offers a “today only” price.  That is simply a sales pressure tactic that no matter how logical they make it appear, it is a gimmick to get a contract.

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