The Truth About Your Leaky Basement

stock-photo-10948377-basement-repair-exposed-foundationThere are too many companies that in order to have your business go into too many scary scenarios and extremely high quotes to waterproof your basement.  The quotes involve a presentation that will give you a headache and leave you with more questions than answers, and a bill that is way too high for the kind of work they are going to do for you.

The truth is, there are only three places you can get basement water leaks and they are:

1. Basement walls

2. Basement floor, and

3. The seam where the floor meets the walls.

There are only two types of water that can give you basement water leaks and they are;

1. Surface water, and

2. Ground water.

All basement waterproofing systems involve a drain that moves water away from your foundation. These drains are either on the outside or the inside.

When you need a basement waterproofing company that is going to give you straight answers and have an outstanding BBB customer satisfaction, call us we will be happy to give you a quote that will make sense to you.

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