The right way to waterproof basements


People often ask me what is the right way to waterproof basements and it is out of a response to the different basement systems available; which all claim they will solve your basement water leaks once and for all.

The answer to the question is not so easy because it is situational.  Although most companies that waterproof basements take a one size fits all basement systems approach and they will stop the presence of water in your basement, the one size fits all solution will only be the best solution if the cause of  basement water leaks and results are a match to the specific basement solutions.

To make it simple, there are two types of water that cause a leak in basement and they are surface water and ground water.  Surface water problems will result in wet basement walls up high or mid wall and very little if any dampness at the bottoms of the basement walls.  This type of issue will come on very quickly after a rain and stop very quickly after the rain has stopped.  The best way to fix surface water problems that result in wet basement walls is exterior basement waterproofing.  Having new exterior basement waterproofing installed will ensure a dry foundation wall.

If you have water seepage coming out at the bottom of your basement walls and or heaved basement floor cracks you have a ground water problem.  In this case you will not likely see a leak in basement after a normal rain that passes by in a couple hours.  You would need a heavy rain and maybe one that lasts awhile.  The leak will not start right away either.  This is because it takes some time for the ground water to build up around the foundation.  Installing interior basement waterproofing will stop this problem dead in its tracks by draining the water away from underneath your basement before it is allowed to build up.  Digging and sealing the walls on the outside will not guarantee a dry basement wall just as installing  interior basement waterproofing will not guarantee dry basement walls if nothing is done to address the walls.

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