Spring Cleaning Your Home

stock-photo-3164773-executive-home-bar-and-entertainment-roomFor a lot of first time home buyers, the rising mortgage rates are making them reconsider buying a home right now.  They also mention the lack of homes for sale that is making the process a bit more difficult.  If you are planning to sell your home this year, and are wondering what needs to be done before you put it on the market, there are many small chores that you can do to rejuvenate and make your home more appealing for home buyers.

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Interiors: order in the house – a spring clean to-do list

Spring is the time to tackle all those niggling chores, the ones you have no excuse not to do yourself. Tick off each of these 10 jobs over the coming weeks, and see what a difference it makes.

1 Clean out your gutters

Easy to put off, but don’t: cleaning your gutters every spring will keep them working like they’re supposed to, and prevent water damage to your home. First, clean the downspout, removing any twigs, leaves and dirt. Flush out any other debris with water. If this doesn’t do the trick, use the full power and force of drainage rods. Then, working away from any down pipe, use a trowel to scrape the gutter clean and lift out any debris: check it’s flowing well with no leaks by pouring a bucket of water into the guttering.

2 Clean greasy kitchen walls and your cooker hood

Flat-style extractors have easily removable paper grease filters – replace if they are saturated with grease (find them at supermarkets, Amazon or Argos, and cut to size). To clean the extractor cover, remove it and soak in boiling water and either soda crystals, bicarbonate of soda or washing powder. For sparkling results, leave overnight. Chimney-style extractors usually have mesh instead of paper filters. Remove it and clean using boiling water and washing-up liquid. Greasy tiles behind hobs respond best with baking soda – sprinkle on to a damp cloth – or lemon juice.

Spring cleaning your medicine cabinet? Simple steps to cut cabinet clutter

As temperatures warm and flowers blossom, Mother Nature’s renewal often inspires us to refresh our own surroundings. It’s officially time for spring cleaning, but as you focus on scrubbing floors, refreshing draperies and dusting every surface in sight, don’t forget about one area critical to your health and happiness: your medicine cabinet.

Your medicine cabinet is the workhorse of your bathroom, meaning it can quickly become a chaotic mess of bottles, pastes, brushes and other items you need every day. It’s time to cut through the clutter and refresh this area so you can find everything you need in an instant.

Step 1: Declutter

Too many things stacked together makes it difficult to see everything in the medicine cabinet. Take the time this spring to get organized and focus on items you really need. Go through your cabinet and remove unused and expired items that are taking up valuable space, including makeup, cough syrup and prescription medicine. Once you’ve cleared old and unused items, take the things you use regularly and group similar products together to make it easier to find what you need. For example, on the first shelf, place pastes and brushes, on the second shelf shaving supplies, and designate the top shelf for medications.

Spring cleaning survival guide

KUSA – Happy Spring! Whether you like it or not, spring cleaning season is here. It’s time to don your rubber gloves and bust out your creative DIY side. 9NEWS has compiled for you the top 5 DIY spring cleaning tricks and organizing tips to help spruce up and beautify your home.

Make Your Own Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

If you want to go green this season and hate using toxic chemicals then creating your own citrus vinegar cleaner is your best option! This is also a great way to reuse citrus peels that would have otherwise made it into the trash. The cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors, counter tops, and mopping floors.

Ingredients and Supplies: Citrus peels, Glass jar, White vinegar, Spray bottle


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