Solutions for a Dry Basement

stock-photo-749897-cracked-concreteVery few new houses have problems with leaky basements, older houses on the other hand, start to have issues with seepage, damped walls, and leaks the older they get.  Finding solutions to the problems right away can save you money in the long run. If your house lacks the proper drainage, or the ground around your property slopes around the foundation of your home, it is more likely that water can find its way to the basement.  Planting shrubbery away from the perimeter of your house can help keep your basement dry as well. There are different ways water can find its way to the basement, but there are many solutions to help you keep it dry.  Follow the links below for more information, or call us for a free consultation.

Waterproofing your basement—interior or exterior methods?

Waterproofing may strike fear into the heart of many a homeowner, and contractors abound, but it’s best to find a company with expertise in both interior and exterior methods, such as Proseal Waterproofing in Niagara. Various methods exist to diagnose, repair and remedy the source of water leakage inside the home. Here are just a few considerations when deciding whether interior or exterior methods are more suitable for your home’s moisture problem.

problem—Each case of water intrusion is different and no one solution works in all situations. What’s causing the leak? When and how often? Where’s the entry point and what size? Depending on the answers, multiple options may exist.

Accessibility—Being able to reach the source of the water leak is the first step in fixing the problem. But factors inside and outside the home may rule out a repair method, or make it more challenging. Does your home have extensive landscaping, deck or patio work? Is there little or tight clearance space surrounding the outside walls? If so, exterior waterproofing methods may be difficult or even impossible. Expensive basement wall or floor finishes or built in bars and custom shelving may make interior work impractical or undesirable.

The secret to a dry basement

Don’t let water seepage destroy your home,  Conterra Foundation and Repair in Mount Hope, Ontario, can help.  This experienced foundation and basement waterproofing contractor has served from Oakville to Niagara since 1993.  They offer affordable basement and foundation waterproofing services, including sump pump installation, foundation crack repair, basement drainage systems and a range of other services. The first step if you have water infiltration is to eliminate any outside contributing problems that are relatively easy to deal with.  If there is improper roof drainage or an inadequate ground slope around the house, there may be the problem.  It could also be your neighbour’s drainage directing water toward your house.

A Primer On Exterior Basement Waterproofing For E&M Waterproofing Customers

No matter whether your basement flooding situation is based on conditions inside the basement or outside the basement, the first step to getting your basement dry is to determine the problem.

This can be straightforward in many situations — for example, if rainwater is pouring into the basement from a particular area. However, it can be tricky when the problem is an exterior one.

Exterior basement waterproofing is comprised of a variety of approaches:

If those issues aren’t causing your problems, there’s still no need to panic.  Waterproofing your basement isn’t necessarily a huge investment.  Depending on your specific circumstances, there may be only minor flaws which a basement professional can fix fairly easily.

You may have cracks causing water leakage, which result from shrinkage over time, soil settling, hydrostatic pressure, or buried debris around the foundation.

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