Selling your Home? Is Renovating the Answer?

stock-photo-3164773-executive-home-bar-and-entertainment-roomWhat is the best time to sell your home?  According to research the best time to start selling your home is between March and April.  If you are in the northern part of the country selling your home can be a little later than for the southern states, but homeowners usually are ready to sell when they have completed the renovations that they wanted to do in their home. So, what are some of the home renovations that will give you a better ROI? The home renovation lists are varied and depend on the point of view of different people, but the consensus they all agree upon is that you have to consider the neighborhood and the prices of those home around you before you spend your money in renovations that you will not recover when selling your home.

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Remodeling Projects that Add Big Value

Are you looking to invest in your home? Our home improvement experts share remodeling projects that will increase your home’s value.

Whole House

    • Put Wasted Space To WorkTransform a plain wall into a storage and display showcase by adding stacks of open shelves or cutting out the drywall to create a recessed niche. Add a display shelf above thekitchen window and cup hooks below uppercabinets.
    • Add Function to an Awkward SpaceTransform a basic bay or box window into a reading nook. Or furnish an empty corner of the living room with a game table and storagecabinet. These features add value to your home and, when it comes time to sell, will likely resonate with potential buyers.

5 cheap, DIY projects to spruce up your home this spring


If the exterior of your home got a little worn down and neglected during winter, check out these easy do-it-yourself projects to spruce up your yard and home.

Lou Manfredini has been a homebuilder and renovator for 25 years. Now he serves as Ace Hardware’s home expert, and he offered several tips for homeowners to update the exteriors of their homes.

Clean up

The first thing Manfredini recommends is to clean up and declutter the outside of your home. Winter can often mat down shrubs and break branches in your yard, giving it an unkempt look. Spend a day raking up dead grass, pruning your bushes or trees and using a pressure washer to clean away mud or dirt from the sidewalks and driveway.

“It will be remarkable how much better your exterior on and around your home can look,” Manfredini said. “And you really didn’t spend any money, it was just really more of your time.”

Home improvement: DIY or hire a pro?

Answer these 16 questions to determine who swings the hammer

Got a few tasks on the “honey to-do” list? Now comes the real dilemma: Should you go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route and save some money? Or should you hire a pro? A renovator who not only knows the business, but can fix those pesky problems that always seem to arise on any home improvement project.

To decide whether or not you should swing that hammer or write a cheque answer these 16 questions:

(Only answer Yes or No)

–> Do you enjoy physical work?

–> Are you persistent and patient?

–> Are you reliable—meaning, once the project is started, will you finish it?

–> Are you prepared to handle the kind of stress this project will create for your family?

–> Do you have all the tools you require? Do you have the skills to operate those tools safely and effectively?

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