Safety In Your Home Is Your Responsibility

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Every season brings a recurring set of chores that as a homeowner we need to be aware of, and take care of them.  As the summer months slip away, and we get ready for school to start, it is a good idea for us to remember that there are some chores we need to do before fall and winter arrive. Checking the HVAC filters, and changing them accordingly is a sure way to keep indoor air quality optimal and the heating bills lower. Test your smoke/carbon dioxide detectors. Change batteries once a year whether they need new ones or not.  The expense is minimal when considering your family’s well being. Inspecting or acquiring a  fire extinguisher is something every homeowner should have, Is yours ready? Remember, safety in your home is your responsibility. Be aware of those chores you haven’t done in a while, and take care of them today.  For more about this and other topics, follow the links below.

Keeping track of home repairs

Keeping track of home-maintenance projects requires attention to details that many of us would rather ignore. But it’s important to maintain accurate records not only to ensure that you’re caring for your investment properly but also so that you’re not wasting money along the way.

Throughout our lives, we spend significant time thinking about where we want to live, dreaming about what type of house we would like to own and imagining how we would furnish it. But many of us don’t focus on how much work and money it will require to maintain a home once we finally have one.

Financial and real estate experts advise homeowners to expect maintenance costs to run between 1 and 4 percent of a home’s value each year. The cost of home repairs includes tasks such as lawn care, roof replacements, basic appliance repair and even paint and floor-covering maintenance. And although home repairs can be unexpected, you can mitigate some unpleasant surprises by staying organized and current with routine maintenance.

On the Level: You’re right to question $18,000 for mold job

I have a mold problem in the basement. The house is 12 years old. The basement is finished. Unfortunately I did not have the basement properly ventilated nor did I put a dehumidifier in the basement until about a year ago.

Our house sits at the bottom of a hill so when there is a lot or rain or a big snowstorm that melts we get water continuously flowing into the sump pit. A few years ago the sump pump did not work properly and we had a few inches of water on the basement floor that we vacuumed up. Also, last year our refrigerator leaked water into the basement that we did not realize for a few months………

The key to getting hold of a potential mold problem is to act within 48 hours of a water intrusion event. Obviously that didn’t happen here. Eighteen thousand dollars is indeed a large sum. Quite frankly, the basement waterproofing industry is rife with fly by night operators who come on like gangbusters, scare the pants off you with a huge number only to back off of the big number somewhat with certain sales techniques only to have you grasp at a smaller price they’ll offer if you sign right away.

Dry weather causing home foundation problems


It’s been about two months since we’ve had any significant rain in our area and the dry ground is affecting homes in the Coastal Bend.

“I started noticing that my doors were getting hard to close,” said Portland resident Jeannine DeMoss.

The foundation at Jeannine’s home has been shifting because of the dry weather. She’s not alone. This problem is keeping foundation repair businesses pretty busy.

“Homes that were fine before are starting to feel the effect,” said Charlie Garcia the owner of U.S.A. Foundation.

Cracked walls are just one of the many indicators of a shifting foundation.


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