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stock-photo-4258890-interior-abstractOne of the big scams every year concerns the elderly and cunning contractors that charge them thousand of dollars to fix their home. The work –if they do any- is poorly done and in some instances it aggravates the problem they were called to fix. In some cases these so called contractors go so far as to jeopardize the ownership of these people’s homes.   When hiring a contractor to fix your home, call the BBB to check their worthiness.  Do not sign anything before consulting and making sure you understand what you are signing, and ask them to give you references.  Protecting yourself and your loved ones from these so called contractors doesn’t take too long.  Call around and see if they are what they say they are. For more news and information, follow the links below.

Bigger’s Drainage & Waterproofing

Niagara This Week – St. Catharines

Bigger’s Drainage & Waterproofing in St. Catharines, Ontario is Niagara’s premium choice for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, drainage systems, sump pump installation, concrete cistern and swimming pool repair.

At Bigger’s Drainage & Waterproofing we offer many basement waterproofing solutions which enable you to make your basement a dry space that can be used for storage or a finished space. We are a simple professional company that doesn’t sell fancy, expensive products. Instead, we complete your project with methods which have worked for us for decades – saving time and money.

Bigger’s Drainage & Waterproofing completes both interior and exterior waterproofing and will do exactly what needs to be done for your basement. We won’t try to oversell you or give you systems which you don’t need and our services are always backed by a lifetime warranty!

Drainage Problems and Cures

Drainage Problems and Cures

Water becomes a problem in the home when there is not adequate drainage. The basic function of a drainage system is to direct water away from the home so that it does not seep into the ground directly in contact with the foundation of the home. If this does not happen then there are a number of problems which can occur around the foundation, basement and home. For instance, if water is allowed to run too close to the foundation then it can cause the walls of the basement to buckle inwards. An indication of this problem is a crack or cracks one or two blocks below the grade or the windowsill. Another problem which can be caused by inadequate drainage is that water will show the weak points in your foundation and basement. After a rain, there are a number of clues Ward construction can pick up. If there are weaknesses or leaks in your basement, and water appears a few hours after the rain then the leak is caused by surface water draining too close to the house. If however the leak only appears the following day then the water table around the home is too high. All of the problems mentioned can be cured by putting a good drainage system in place and maintaining it well.

Reverse mortgage scam targets elderly women

Tears slowly roll down the face of 88-year-old Lillie Williams as she worries about losing her home of more than 40 years.

“I know I ain’t ready to give up my house

And 64-year-old Dorothy Pruitt holds her head in disbelief as she thinks about how much money she’s lost remodeling her home.

“He scammed, he lied.”

Both women say they were the victims of this man Mark Diamond… a cunning contractor seen in this picture taken during a deposition in 20-11.  His appearance has changed since then but his tactics haven’t.

Rev. Robin Hood said “he’s a predator.”

Community activist Rev. Robin Hood is Ms. Williams’ nephew.  He first learned of his aunt’s predicament when she got a foreclosure notice this past October.

“My first thought was there was a scam played on my aunt.”

His suspicions may have merit.  In October, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed for a preliminary injunction against diamond and his company… United Residential Services & Real Estate, Inc.  In the complaint she identifies him as the central figure in an ongoing scheme to defraud consumers and calls his work shoddy, incomplete, hazardous and even life threatening.

“He needs to be stopped.”

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