Ohio Waterproofing Tips

Waterproofing your Ohio basement is important.  Ohio has many older homes and it has a wet environment that makes waterproofing a basement a very important issue.

When you go to sell your home, if you have a river of water in the basement you can expect fewer people interested in buying and lower offers – it is just common sense.

Also, you have a whole floor of your house that cannot be utilized as well as you might be able to use it.  The basement finishing cost after waterproofing is probably lower than you think.

But to begin with, you want to talk to basement waterproofing companies and get an estimate.  A good basement waterproofing contractor will be able to quickly assess what is needed and even look for thinks like bowed basement walls and wet basement mold that may effect the basement, saftey of your family and present health issues.

Pioneer Basement Solutions has been waterproofing Canton homes and waterproofing Akron homes for many years and we are happy to come out and take a look at your current needs and help you make your basement a useful part of your home.



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