Now It’s The Time To Waterproof The Basement of Your Home

Pioneer Basement Solutions is a company dedicated to providing you with the best basement waterproofing solution for your home basement. Since 1979, Pioneer Basement Solutions have waterproofed the basement of many Northeast Ohio homeowners. We are committed to providing you with the best solution at the right price for you.

Whether you need an interior or exterior basement waterproofing system, Pioneer will inspect your home, and discuss the options you have to waterproof your home.

How Do You Know You Have Basement Problems? Here Are 5 Easy to Spot Signs

  1. After a rainstorm, or when there is a snow meltdown in the winter or spring, huge amounts of water could accumulate around the foundation of the house. As a result, water eventually can find a way to the floor and walls of your basement.  Checking the basement of the house after a heavy rainstorm will let you know whether you have a basement problem and how big it is.
  2. Basement walls are wet-If the top of your basement walls are wet, you may have water coming from the outside and finding a way to the basement walls.
  3. The bottom of the basement walls are wet-If your basement walls show signs of water where the floor meets the wall, you have an interior basement problem you need to fix.
  4. Mold or mildew-Easy to see signs of water damage in the basement are the growing mold or mildew you will see in your stored belongings, ceiling, or walls.
  5. Water sediments on the walls-The chalky-like sign of water-sediment on the walls are very easy to see if you have water damage in the basement. Look for the place where the sediment is more prominent to determine where the water is coming from, and whether you can spot the place.

What can you do If you check the basement of your home, and find water problems? There are steps you can take to stop water coming into the basement of the home, and stop the damage done to the foundation and walls.

  1. Clean the Gutters-Clean gutters that are free of debris, mud, or leaves are the first step to take when looking to stop water from entering the basement walls.
  2. Fix the Spouting-If water is sitting around the foundation of your home because the spouting is not properly attached, you can walk around the perimeter of your home checking the spouting and making sure anything loose is attached securely.
  3. Water Drainage-Water coming from the gutters after a heavy rain shower needs to flow freely and away from the foundation of the home.  Ten feet is the recommended distance to drain the water and ensure you won’t have a flooded basement.
  4. Flower Beds-Make sure the slope of the flower beds is not inclined toward the foundation.  The flower beds should be flat or sloping away from the foundation of the home to allow water to flow away and freely.
  5. Clean leaves and bushes around the foundation-During the fall, leaves or other items left around the foundation can allow water to accumulate and seep into the basement of the home. Your foundation should be visible to spot water problems even from the outside.

Even if you have done everything we recommend and you still have water issues, call a basement waterproofing company to diagnose the problem in your basement. Pioneer Basement Solutions is a basement waterproofing company with over 40 years of experience.  We are the Northeast Ohio waterproofing company to call.  Our Better Business Bureau Rating and our Angie’s list award history will give you the confidence and assurance we will deliver a job well done.

Our commitment since 1979 has been to deliver a job well done to every family in the Northeast Ohio area and to treat them with respect.  If you are ready to waterproof the basement of your home, call us to schedule an appointment to talk about your options.  We will offer you a free estimate with no high-pressure sales tactics, and we will offer you a solution that will make sense to you and to your wallet.

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