Not all basement waterproofing contractors are a good fit for your problem


It is important to be sure you are talking with  basement waterproofing contractors who offer specific solutions for your  basement water leaks .  If you have wet basement walls you may not want to interview companies who only offer  interior basement waterproofing solutions.  If you have water seepage from your basement floor you may not want to interview  exterior basement waterproofing only companies.

Most  waterproofing contractors offer the same  basement systems to every person they meet regardless of the problem they are having in their basement.  Most often these companies are franchises that send out trained sales people who are very good at selling the same thing over and over.

Here are some things to consider regarding basement seepage problems and solutions.  Surface water problems will cause wet basement walls at or very close to grade level.  When in your basement and looking at the walls, if they are wet up high and less wet below you like ly have a surface water issue.  The best solution there is to stop water from getting to your basement foundation on the outside.

If your  basement water leaks are from the very bottom of the wall, through the seam where the floor meets the wall and the walls are dry…or up water seepage through floor cracks, you may have ground water build up from below.  The best way to stop that is to get the water before it builds up below your foundation and keep it out of your basement.

For more info visit Pioneer, basement waterproofing contractors who offer all basement systems such as inside, outside and or combinations.

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