Is Your Wet Basement Making You Sick?

Of course, your wet basement can make you sick. Mold and mildew are like indoor moss that can hold bacteria and viruses that can cause many diseases. Wet basement mold may be the cause of your incurable chronic sinus attacks or your children’s runny nose. If you have basement paneling of carpeting, you may not even know that you have wet basement mold until the basement water leaks have come through the paneling or saturated the carpeting. Waterproofing basement walls should be done by a professional basement waterproofing company.

Basement waterproofing companies are a specialty service that can waterproof basement walls and find other leaks in your basement.

The cost for basement waterproofing depends on the assessment made by the basement waterproofing company and the basement water leaks. But there is no price tag on your health and on the health of your family and friends. A wet basement can make you sick and can be a source of spreading virile infection since the mold has spores that can live in your body and cause you  physical discomfort as well as spreading germs whenever you leave your house through spitting, coughing, or sneezing.

Of course, there are many different types of molds, many of which are also harmless.  If you are unsure, as a professional to take a look and identify the problem.

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