Is Basement Waterproofing Important?

There are a number of reasons that basement waterproofing is important to you as a home owner.

  1. A dry basement will be less likely to have wet basement mold and humid, less healthy air in the home.
  2. A leaking foundation can lead to instability, bowed basement walls and other foundational problems in the home if not fixed.
  3. A leak in basement problem will make your basement unusable for thinks like storage, putting in a rec room or making it a home office.
  4. A leaky basement will hurt the home resale value of your investment because some people will not even consider buying a home with evidence of water damage in the basement.
  5. And small problems can become bigger over time.  You do not want to find that your minor basement leak gets worse and you find yourself with an unexpected amount of water in your basement.  This could cause major damage.

These are just some of the most obvious reasons that basement waterproofing is important.


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