How to Select the Right Basement Waterproofing Contractor

You may think it is natural for your basement to be dank and drippy; after all it is underground and out of sight. Actually a basement is best suited dry and drip-free. A wet basement is a dangerous basement, hiring a good basement waterproofing contractor can help.

You can find basement waterproofing contractors in your phone book, or by searching online. You will be amazed at how many there are, some even located in your neighborhood. But how do you pick the right one?

There are a few easy steps to follow when selecting a contractor. First find out if the basement waterproofing contractor is licensed and insured. It is very important that the contractor carries both worker’s comp and personal liability insurance. This way, if he or one of his workers is injured on the job, you will not be sued. Also, if he damages your home, the contractor will be liable. Don’t be afraid to ask for the name and number of his insurance carrier.

Next, get estimates from two or three basement waterproofing companies. Simply explain in detail the problem, or better yet, have each contractor visit your home and give you a free quote. If someone will not give you a free estimate then cross them off your list. If a contractor tries to scare you or pressures you into making a decision immediately, don’t, and cross them off your list. However, some basement waterproofing problems are so dire and severe that an immediate decision must be done. But a homeowner should know if his basement problem is severe or not.

Make sure to check consumer reporting website such as Angie’s List, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau to get to know a little bit more about the basement waterproofing company you intended to hire. Read all the reviews you can find.

Also, ask the contractor for references. Unless you are the very first customer he has worked on, the contractor should be able to produce a few satisfied customer testimonials, letters of recommendation or at the very least contact numbers of satisfied clients in the past.

Try to find a basement waterproofing contractor who communicates well, and will keep you posted on all the developments. Observe if he is polite and courteous with your family members, even to your pets. When you invite the contractor to your home for an evaluation and estimate, make sure that your family and pets are around, that way you’ll see how he interacts with them. And it is okay to ask plenty of questions, which he should not mind answering at all.

It is also best to find a basement waterproofing contractor who does not subcontract his work. If possible, the contractor you hire, along with his staff, will do all the work themselves, including the billing. Subcontracting work is not necessarily a bad thing, but it just adds a layer of bureaucracy to the entire process.

Finally make sure that the contactor is capable of handling more than just basement waterproofing. Your basement might need mold remediation and it is convenient to hire someone who is capable of dealing with problems that extend beyond basement waterproofing.

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