How To Hire Best Ohio Basement Waterproofing Company

Why Waterproof Basements in Ohio Is So Important

Northeast Ohio and particularly the city of Akron and Canton, is home to a vast quantity of old houses that need repairs or need to be rehabilitated to be a livable option for many families.

The housing problem for the city of Akron is not one of scarcity and overpriced homes, but quite the opposite. There are hundreds of abandoned houses that the city has to tear down each year because they pose a danger to the community, or have been abandoned for many years.  Now, the city faces the problem of trying to entice new inhabitants to move to Akron by providing tax incentives to make such a move.

The reality is simple:  Northeast Ohio has too many old houses that are in desperate need of major repairs, and buying a new house is not an option for many residents. The only viable solution for many of those residents is to invest in their homes, their neighborhoods and ultimately in their cities.

Pioneer Doing Basement Waterproofing

An older home can have an array of issues that can be expensive to fix, and those issues are necessary fixes if we want to live in such a house.

For a homeowner of an old home, rehabilitating the home requires a new and strong foundation to ensure the integrity and stability of the home will last many more years. The foundation problem is too important and one problem the homeowner cannot ignore.

Waterproofing the basement of your older home can also be ignored with disastrous consequences.  The longer you wait to repair the foundation or waterproof the basement of your home, the more problems you are going to have, and the more costly the job will become.

If you want to purchase an older home, remember some older homes can have many enchanting features that the new cookie-cutter homes do not have, but we also know that with the charm comes the problems.

Homes, in general, have to have a yearly budget for maintaining it in good condition. As a general rule, a homeowner should set aside between 1%-3% of the purchase price for the yearly upkeep of the home.  But, if you want to buy an older home, then, it would be wise to save 3% of the purchase price of the home for its yearly maintenance.

For example, if your older home is costing you $100,000 to purchase it, you should set aside $3,000 yearly for the upkeep.

Types of Basement Problems

Ohio Basement Waterproofing
Trusted Ohio Basement Waterproofing

If you have an unfinished basement, you probably don’t spend a lot of time down there, and will not notice right away if you have basement issues. But, it is important to check the basement for water leaks or other major problems every few months to keep your home healthy and beautiful.

How do you know if you have a basement waterproofing problem? There are several obvious signs and some other you need to check a bit more carefully.

  1. Water leaks – If after every rainfall or melting snow you have water sitting on the basement floor, you have a water leak and you need to take care of it before it gets too serious.
  2. Dampness – If your basement is damp, the probability of seeping water coming to the basement is more than likely.
  3. Mold and Mildew-They are not only a good sign you have a basement waterproofing issue, but they are dangerous to the health of your family.  The air quality in your home can become unhealthy and respiratory issues can ensue due to the mold your family is breathing.
  4. Cracks on the wall or Walls bowing in-Cracks on the wall are more concerning issues than just water in the basement.  It means that your problem concerns the foundation of your home as well.
  5. Paint Bubbling-Is another sign you have water issues in the basement

Basement Water Solutions

Whether we want it or not, the foundation seal or the foundation drain failures are inevitable aspects of buying a home.  They will not last forever.  The older the home, those issues become a reality for the new home buyer, and the danger of seepage is an ever-present problem they will have to deal with when they move into their older home.

Some of those problems can have very easy solutions.

  1. Cleaning the gutters-If you have trees surrounding your home, chances are your gutters are full of leaves and other debris. Cleaning those gutters after the fall will keep them clean and will allow the rainwater to flow freely to the drainage of your home.
  2. Fixing the spouting-After cleaning the gutters, make sure the spouting is properly attached and have no leaks close to the foundation of the home. Replace the spouting or attached it properly to keep the water away from the home.
  3. Mulching and Flower beds-Making sure the flower beds have a leveled ground will keep water from sitting at the foundation of your home.  Make sure you do not create hills when mulching that can take water back into the foundation and allows it to seep into the basement.
  4. The sloping around the house makes it easy to see if you will have water sitting around the foundation of the home or not. The drainage and the slope around the house should be leveled or sloping downward to take any water away from the foundation.

There are other possibilities of course for the problems you are facing with water in the basement, but if you keep these easy solutions in mind you will remove four very simple problems that can be affecting your home.

What Are the Dangers of Not Doing Basement Waterproofing?

Many homeowners postpone fixing their wet, musty and leaky basement because they simply cannot afford it, and some others postpone it because they are doing it “next year”.  After many years of damage, their basement is way more expensive to fix, and their home value has deteriorated because of their procrastination.

Not fixing the basement right away because of financial difficulties is understandable, although financing is available for basement waterproofing.  Not fixing it because of procrastination, it’s not financially smart. The home is for the majority of Americans their biggest asset, so why not take care of it properly?

By fixing the basement of your home, you will:

  1. Protect your investment
  2. Increase the value of the home over time
  3. Increase the livable space available for you and your family
  4. Provide a healthier home
  5. Protect the health of your children, spouse, and pets living in the home
  6. Minimize the amount of clutter you collect by keeping a livable basement

The respiratory health issues associated with mold and mildew are too many and too scary to ignore.  Clean air and a healthier home should be the right of every human being.

What To Expect When Hiring an Ohio Basement Waterproofing Company

Now that you have decided to take care of the basement’s problems, you need to choose a basement waterproofing company that will do the job well, and for the right price.  No gimmicks, no false statements, and no scary tactics that will allow them to put any price they want on the job.

A good company with a good reputation and a long history in the community will be able to offer you a hassle-free, no-obligation quote. They can talk to you about the issue in the basement and a simple solution without offering services with names that have been patented by their company.  Water in the basement of your home and solutions to fix those leaks are not rocket science.  A company that knows what they’re doing doesn’t resort to scary or patented services to get more money from you.  Reputable Ohio basement waterproofing companies that have been around for a long time will help you understand the costs, risks and the scope of the project.
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What are the steps to take before hiring a basement waterproofing company?

  1. Do your due diligence-There are many basement waterproofing companies around the country.  Some of them are legit, while others are there to make a buck regardless of the job they do.  Googling is a good way to get a list of those companies, but that is only the first step.
  2. Check the Better Business Bureau– (Check here) After googling a company and verifying their website, their phone number and their services, checking the local BBB is a great way to begin. Check the company’s rating, the complains they have, and whether they have to try to fix the issues with the customers.
  3. Check Angie’s List– (Check Here) Angie’s lists awards Super Service Awards to companies.  Pioneer Basement Solutions has been the recipient Ten times of Angie’s list super service award-winning basement waterproofing contractor.  That is a company with a  long history in the community and excellent customer service all around.
  4. Testimonials– (Check Here) Testimonials can be deceiving, but if you call the phone numbers of customers from these companies and ask them to give you a clear and honest answer, they usually will.  Remember, it is easy to get a few fake testimonials but it is much harder to get over 100 reviews/testyimonials, like Pioneer Basement Solutions has.
  5. Meet the People-Most companies will come to make an evaluation of the problem.  If you feel that you cannot trust these people or they give you a “funny” feeling, trust your instincts. If they start talking about patented products and services, ask them to leave all the information with you and check the information.
  6. DO NOT sign anything the first time around, unless you have done your homework already.  Talk to three different companies before you make a decision, and then, choose the one you feel comfortable with.  Do not choose the cheapest. Sometimes choosing the cheapest company ends up costing you more. But, if the cheapest company has a great reputation, a long history in the community and everything checks, by all means, choose that one.
  7. Insurance-Ask the company you choose to provide proof of insurance or whether they are bonded or not. You need to protect yourself and your home.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Waterproof the basement of Your Home?

When to waterproof the basement of your home is definitely not a difficult question to answer. For a homeowner, the right time is when they discover their basement has a water problem. They cannot procrastinate and they shouldn’t have to wait.  Basement waterproofing companies work all year round.  If cold, snow, rain or wind prevents them from working that day, they will let you know, otherwise, you call the waterproofing company to come and check the leak and they will come.

How Long Does Basement Waterproofing Take?

Every home and basement is different.  There are different issues that can happen to the basement of your home when it has a water problem, and depending on how long you have waited to call a basement waterproofing company, the problems can range from minor to major problems that can involve the foundation of the home as well.

A reputable company can and will come to your home to assess the problem for you.  Knowledgable and reputable people can tell you the problem, the solution and the price with no problem whatsoever.  They can tell you a time approximation and what to expect when the employees are on site.  They can give you phone numbers to have in case you have questions or issues, and they can outline what will happen when they start the work.

Companies with a long history in the community know what they are doing, the time it will take them to complete the job, and how important a job well done is for them.

How Much Does Ohio Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Depends.  Basement waterproofing cost depends on the region, type of foundation you have, damage to the basement, availability of contractors willing to do the job, and whether or not the damage has affected the foundation of the home. According to, a homeowner can expect to spend around $4,274 to seal a basement or foundation. Prices, of course, range widely. The region, workmanship, damage done to the basement, etc, etc, can affect the price suggests.  Calling a reputable company can give you a close estimate and give you an idea of the issues you are dealing with.

Does Basement Waterproofing Increase the Value of Your Home?

Not only does waterproofing the basement of your home increases its values, but it protects a huge investment you and your family have made.

Basement waterproofing does not sound sexy or even appealing; It’s on the ground floor after all.  But, the basement and the foundation of your home are the main pillars of the home you live in.  Protecting them and keeping them “healthy” can make your investment grow, and keep your family safe.

As a homeowner, we understand you have many options for companies to call for your basement waterproofing needs.  In the Northeast Ohio area Pioneer Basement Solutions has a long history (over 40 years) in the community and a stellar reputation. We are proud to be members of the community we serve and we have built our reputation in the industry by treating our customers the way we want to be treated.  Call us at 888-420-9900 for a free, no-pressure consultation or submit a contact to us via this website.

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