How to Clean Basement Mold

If you have large amounts of mold or feel sick – consult a professional right away and do not try to clean basement mold yourself.

Basement mold can be very dangerous if left untreated in your home. Basement water leaks can cause mold. Here are some tips on how to clean your basement of mold, assuming it is in low quantities and not harmful.

When cleaning up mold it is important to wear a face mask to prevent inhalation of mold spores. Also keep the windows open and make sure that the basement is well ventilated. Wear gloves and clothing that covers the entire body, wear sneakers and not sandals to avoid mold spores getting on the body. Keep the basement door closed to avoid allowing mold spores to get all over the home.

Begin by addressing the mold, if it is hardened and stuck on then you need to make it wet by lightly spraying water on it. Start cleaning the surfaces with disinfectants, preferably one that contains bleach. Scrub the area very well with a scrub brush. Go over the area a few times in order to ensure that the entire mold is removed. This will help to kill the mold spores and make the basement livable and safer for the home’s inhabitants.

Throw away moldy items such as carpeting, ceiling tiles, insulation, drywall, and other items that cannot be cleaned. Put these materials in double bagged garbage bags and throw these bags quickly into a trash can or dumpster.

If you want to avoid basement mold then you should consider speaking to basement waterproofing companies. A basement waterproofing company can help to make the basement waterproof so that it is less likely that mold growth will occur.

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