Give Yourself The Gift of A Dry Basement This Year

If you live in the Northeast Ohio area, you know the troubles you can have with a leaky basement.   unfortunately, a leaky basement is not only troublesome for the homeowner, but it can also be dangerous to the health of your family.   For instance, mold and mildew grow in damp places in the basement or where condensation accumulates. It can be a dangerous health issue for your family if mold or mildew is present in the air. Respiratory illnesses are a possibility and can become dangerous if the air in the home is contaminated.

Do you know If You Have a Leaky Basement?

There are many easy-to-spot signs for any homeowner if they have problems with water in the basement. For example:

  1. Water on the basement floor is a clear indication you have a water problem
  2. Wet basement walls at the top or bottom indicate water seepage to the basement
  3. Water sediment visible on the walls means you have a water problem 
  4. Cracked or bowed walls
  5. High quantities of water condensation on the walls
  6. Mold or mildew growth
  7. Rust on stored items 

These are problems too common in many Northeast Ohio homes, and the problems can become serious if ignored.   Also, if the basement waterproofing issues you have at home are postponed till the money is not an issue, you might have to pay a lot more to fix those problems. Plus, basement waterproofing issues can become serious and expensive problems to fix if you procrastinate too much.

Where Is The Water Coming From?

There are three main ways water can get into the basement of your home.

  1. The exterior
  2. The inside of the home
  3. The subfloor

Water coming from the exterior of the home can be the most common.   For example, after a rain shower or melting snow day, you can have wet walls or water sitting on the basement floor because of the water coming from the outdoors.   That’s an easy sign to spot if you want to find out about basement waterproofing problems.

If you have wet or damp basement walls, there is water seepage happening someplace behind those walls.  The seepage might be minor, but those problems never go away, they only get bigger and more expensive.

On the other hand, if you have water coming from the subfloor, or from the inside of the home, you need to contact a basement waterproofing expert to find the root of your problem.

Can I fix Basement Waterproofing Issues by Myself?

Pioneer Basement Waterproofing does not recommend you try to fix those problems yourself.   Basement waterproofing issues can be serious issues, and perhaps some of those problems have been ignored for many years. You might not know the difficulty or seriousness of tackling the problem by yourself. Also, you might not have the tools, men power, or knowledge to do the job well. It is better economically to hire the right company to do it for you.

Pioneer Basement Waterproofing is a company with over 40 years of experience waterproofing basements in the Northeast Ohio area and delivering dry, waterproofed basements that will last for generations.   There are many issues involved if you have a water problem in the basement. At Pioneer, we have the experience and the talented teams to deliver a job well done every single time. Many homeowners do not know whether they have an interior or exterior water problem, and they do not have the experience to do the job well. At Pioneer, we have the experience to fix any problem with your wet basement, or foundation because we have the skills and knowledge to tackle many problems dealing with water.

Can I Finance My Project With Pioneer?

Yes,  you can!

Call Pioneer Basement Waterproofing at your earliest convenience to discuss the basement waterproofing issues you have at home. We will come to your home to discuss the problems, offer you a solution, and a quote with no pressure tactics or overpriced bogus systems. Pioneer can fix the basement water problems you have at home with the right price tag, and no overcharging you for our work.

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