Get Rid Of That Musty Basement Smell

Do you have a musty smelling basement? Basement humidity can cause all kinds of issues.

The recent flooding in North Dakota is serving as an example of just how quickly problems like excessive basement moisture can escalate into a full-blown mold problem.

According to the state’s KXMC-TV, mold can appear in a home as soon as 48 hours after excessively moist conditions appear. And it doesn’t take a high-profile flood or major weather event to cause serious problems for homeowners. In many cases, elevated levels of humidity are sufficient to let mold thrive in almost any part of the house, especially in the basement and crawl spaces.

That musty basement smell is caused by mold and mildew spores growing on and in objects. Mold can even grow inside of a person’s body, leading to lung and sinus infections. Less extreme health conditions are also possible, including respiratory irritations and asthma.

Given the household damage and health problems that mold can quickly cause, it may make sense to consider taking steps to keep spores and moisture from getting a foothold in your home.

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