Fix Your Wet Ohio Basement

A wet basement is a major headache for homeowners and it doesn’t seem like the problems resulting from basement waters leaks are ever going to end. Heavy rains, interior moisture and cracks in the wall bring the problems of a wet basement mold and smells to a head.

The best way to solve your wet basement problems is to use the services of a professional basement waterproofing contractor. Most wet basement problems require more than do-it-yourself solutions. Bowed basement walls, leaks and condensation require going to the root of the problem.

Most wet basement problems are the result of Ohio’s unpredictable weather. The freezing and thawing ground moves and puts stress on basement walls.  Severe problems might require the installation of a drainage system that collects water around the edges of the basement and then runs it into a tile. Walls and foundations can usually be easily repaired but extensive damage sometimes requires they be replaced. A basement waterproofing company will give you a written estimate for the repairs and get the job done as quickly as possible.

Once your basement is livable again it’s time to think about putting the space to use. Basement remodeling in Ohio is a great way to open up more living and storage space. Most basements can be turned into attractive family rooms, roomy sports centers or even dry storage areas when the right professional is on the job.

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