Easy to Spot Signs of Foundation Problems

Spring is just around the corner.  March weather in the Northeast Ohio area is just the beginning of warmer, better days to come. Spring cleaning the yard, and the home means looking for water damage, or wind damage on the home, or perhaps foundation repair problems that have been left unattended for years and now are showing signs of problems.

There are many old homes in great condition that show the care many families have taken to ensure the home can stay an asset for many generations. But, some older homes that through negligence or shoddy craft have not survived the years of wear and tear unscathed.

The importance of the foundation and basement of the home are paramount because they are integral components to the well-being and longevity of the construction. Therefore, it is important to keep them properly maintained. Do you know if you have issues with a poorly constructed home? Many homeowners do not understand whether they have a problem in their hands or not.  In that case, you need to call a knowledgeable, trustworthy company for an inspection. Many times, the problem has to be dire in order for the homeowner to be aware of it and take action.

7 signs You Have a Problem with the Foundation of your Home

These are some issues you may have with the structural integrity of the foundation of your new or old home.

  1. Cracks on the basement walls
  2. Water seeping through the walls and accumulating on the basement floor
  3. Doors and windows on the upper floors won’t close or get stuck when closing or opening
  4. Cracks on upper walls or windows
  5. A slight slope on some parts of the home
  6. Sediment accumulation on the basement walls
  7. Termites can be a colossal problem for the foundation and integrity of the home

These foundation issues can happen in many homes around the country, and the problems can become huge headaches for the homeowner if not taken care of them promptly. There are many important structural parts in a home, for example, the roof is important and necessary as well, but if the foundation of the structure is not well constructed, a beautiful roof won’t mean too much.

A healthy, trouble-free foundation can give you a nice, finished basement to enjoy. It can give you the extra livable space your family needs and can enjoy.

Ideas for a finished basement?

Depending on your budget and needs, a finished basement can be used as an extension to the family room, a gym, an extra office, or a TV room for everyone to enjoy.  Do you want a wet bar where the family can enjoy drinks and snacks on family nights? Basements are in most cases as big as the first floor of the home in the Northeast and Midwest areas, which means there is plenty of square footage for you to decide. Basements are no longer places to store unwanted or unused items. They have become another floor to enjoy.

What is the first step to take to have a finished basement?

If you want a finished basement, the main and most important step is to make sure there are no issues with the basement waterproofing of your home. Below are examples of clear signs a homeowner can look for when inspecting the basement for water damage.

  • Water on the basement floor
  • Damaged walls due to water seepage
  • cracked or bowed walls
  • musty smell
  • mold or mildew
  • rust on items stored in the basement
  • water sediment visible on the walls

If there is water damage or constant seepage, the damage can be easily spotted. As a homeowner, those issues need to be resolved as soon as possible to protect your home. If you suspect there is a water issue but cannot spot it,  call a waterproofing company for an expert inspection of your home. They know how to inspect the home for water damage, find the problem and offer you a solution.

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