Does your Home have a flooded basement?

Did you wake up to a flooded or wet basement today? A wet or flooded basement is a very common occurrence after a heavy rainstorm in many Northeast Ohio homes.  In fact, there are many old homes around the area whose basement is in need of waterproofing.  Many times, homeowners wake up after a heavy rainstorm to find their basement flooded.  The walls, floor, and ceiling of the home are wet or displaying signs of extreme moisture. If your home basement is flooded, or the walls are showing signs of water damage, basement waterproofing is the only solution to your problems. 

Basement waterproofing can be done all year round.  For example, if your Northeast Ohio home is in need of basement waterproofing, foundation repair, or basement finishing, Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing is the company you need to call.

A flooded basement might be the precursor of worse problems for you.  Moreover, foundation problems can be expensive to fix if the basement waterproofing issues are ignored or postponed.  If you have water in the basement of your home, do not postpone those problems. Especially, if you want to convert the basement into a livable, comfortable space for your family. 

Where can you begin? 

Here are six easy-to-spot signs you can find for yourself if you have water issues in the basement of your home.

  1. Water sitting on the basement floor
  2. Paint peeling off the walls
  3. Mold/mildew
  4. wet basement walls
  5. Cracked or bowed walls
  6. Heavy musty odors

After a rainstorm, you can check the condition of your basement by simply going down with a flashlight and inspecting the basement floor, the walls, the seam where the wall meets the floor, and the seam where the walls meet the ceiling.  If you have water problems, you will find them.

You have found water damage in the basement. Now, what?

Now it is time to find a reputable waterproofing company to do the job.  Nowadays, videos on how to do anything yourself are prevalent on the internet. And, even if you are tempted to waterproof the basement of your home, we do not recommend it.  Basement waterproofing requires the expertise of a company that has done it before.  It requires machinery, men power, and the expertise to do this job well. You need to find a reputable company for the job for you.

Where to Find the Right Basement Waterproofing Company?

 You can start by Googling, going to the Better Business Bureau (BBB,) or Angie to look for companies with a great reputation. You can ask for a recommendation from your family or neighbors. Or, you can call Pioneer Basement Solutions. We are a reputable, established company since 1979.  With over 40 years of experience waterproofing basements across Northeast Ohio, we are the company that will fix your basement without breaking your bank.

Don’t fall for the company that advertises their services on TV.  There are many companies that spend a lot of money advertising on TV that will pass the bill to you when they deliver the quote to fix your basement. Do your due diligence before you sign a contract or before you write the check.

How can you tell if you are hiring the right basement waterproofing company?

If you check their BBB rating or check their customers’ testimonials you can have an idea about the history of customer service they provide, You can ask questions, and you can ask for a free- no-obligation quote before you make a decision. You can get a good idea about the company when you ask questions about your particular problem and they can answer the question without checking their sell’s pitch document. Check three (3) companies before you make a decision. You will be happy you did.

Basement waterproofing issues in the home should not be the reason you do not have a beautiful, finished basement you can enjoy. Pioneer Basement Solutions can deliver a waterproofed, finished basement your family can enjoy for many years. We are a fully bonded company that will guarantee the work, so you can have peace of mind. Contact Us Today.

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