Detecting Bowed Basement Walls

Detecting bowed basement walls is a clear sign that the basement is in need of repair. It is essential to contact a professional to have them check for the possible need of foundation reinforcement. Bowed basement walls can be a very good indicator that the foundation of your home is under external pressure. A weakened foundation is often first suspected when the owner states detecting bowed basement walls. Depending on how weak the foundation of the home has become the owner may next see cracks developing in the walls of the basement. Any bowing in the walls can mean a problem that is best inspected by a professional company that is experienced in foundation reinforcement.

Regardless of what material the basement walls are made of, they all tend to bow if the foundation has become weakened. This includes walls made of brick, concrete, tile and block. If there is drywall over any of these materials it too will begin to bow and crack.

Detecting bowed basement walls may be due to poor drainage on the outside foundation of the home. If the weather has been rainy and wet it will affect the soil and increase pressure on the foundation. This will cause bowing in the walls which can possibly be dangerous since they may collapse if they become under too much pressure. If a homeowner is detecting bowed basement walls it is a sure sign that a professional in foundation reinforcement should be called. Because the problem will only get worse it is best to contact a professional foundation reinforcement company as soon as possible.

Basement professionals, such as Pioneer Basement Solutions, can give you a free inspection and quote if you are within their North East Ohio territory.

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