Costly Water Problems in Your Home

stock-photo-4258890-interior-abstractKeeping a home is expensive.  Without counting mortgage and insurance payments the upkeep of a home can be as high as 1% of the property’s value according to the mortgage-data firm HSH. When buying a home, mortgage payments, insurance premiums and the maintenance of the home should be taken into consideration to ensure you do not buy more home than you can afford.    Water issues in the basement can become expensive if not taken seriously, and that can add to your maintenance budget and become unbearable quite fast.

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Unresolved water issues in the home can be costly

Poor drainage, roof leaks, frozen pipes — simple problems left unsolved create nasty, expensive nightmares.

Most homeowners are fully aware of the importance of waterproofing their homes. Primarily, it prevents water and mold from damaging the house, and it protects valuable belongings.

They also know that not all insurance companies cover water damage, and it’s important to know just what to do in such a circumstance where so much can be on the line.

“Years ago, I worked for a waterproofing company in New York, and I learned how to build a trench, about a foot deep, alongside the house,” said Mount Pocono resident Jon Dolphin, who recalled a nightmare experience while living in Stroudsburg a few years ago when the Delaware River crested.

Burlington reader has question about muddy boots

Q: When I have workmen come to the house for repairs, some of them follow the Vermont tradition and take their shoes or boots off at the door. But others just barge in with dirty boots and track dirt on my carpet and wood floors.

As a well-brought up woman, I am too embarrassed, or intimidated, to ask them to remove their boots, but I am pretty upset at the mess they leave and the lack of sensitivity.

Since you have been in residential construction for so long, and must have dealt with this problem, do you have any suggestions on how I should handle this? — Burlington, via email

Black Mold And How To Prevent This Toxic Substance

When you have a moisture problem in your basement, you may come across an additional problem: mold. While typically assumed as a separate entity, mold is a symptom of your moisture issues, and toxic black mold can spread quickly. The best way to remove this issue from your home is to eliminate the ability for moisture to enter.
Causes of Mold In Basements
Mold spores tend to exist naturally in the environment, and prey on decomposed organic substances. Mold only needs water and a food foundation to start rapidly growing in your basement. Here are few areas where mold can start to take formation:

  • Seepage between the walls
  • Foundation leaks
  • Condensation on your windows
  • Increased humidity in areas of your basement

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