Basement Waterproofing Questions and Answers

The average home in Ohio was built during the 1950s. Not counting the new construction in the state, more homes in Ohio are close to 70-year-old structures that have and will continue to have problems for the homeowner.  One of the main problems that homeowners encounter with frequency is a problem with the basement.  From leaking, seeping or humidity in the basement, these homes are in dire need of a basement waterproofing solution.

What are the signs you have a problem with the basement?

These are some of the early easy to spot signs you can see for yourself and begin the process of waterproofing.

  1. Cracks in the walls
  2. Cracks along the seams where the walls meet the floor
  3. Water sitting along the basement walls
  4. Peeling paint
  5. Mold
  6. Musty odor
  7. Water in any part of the basement

I have found several signs that I have water problems in the basement. What is the next step to take?

·        After you have concluded that you are in need of a waterproofing basement company, you need to call friends or family members for a telephone number for a reputable company if they know one, or do a Google search, to find the names of several waterproofing companies in your area.

·        After you have several (3 minimum) waterproofing basement companies quotes, you need to check their credentials.

·        Call the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List or any other resource available to you and check their business credentials.  Ask for references or testimonials from past clients and ask if the company delivered their services as promised and whether they are satisfied.

What about financing the work?

·        Companies generally have a bank or financial lender that they usually recommend to their prospective clients.  Ask about it when you call them for a quote.

·        If they don’t recommend a company you can work with for financing, you can finance it yourself by calling your personal bank and ask for rates and personal credit loans you can get.  Usually, if you shop around for the best rate possible, you will find it.  It takes a bit of time, but the savings are worth the effort.

·        If you don’t want to go through other banks, your home lender can offer better rates for a second mortgage on your home, and that is a better solution for some homeowners.

For most people, their home is one of their biggest assets.  Keeping up with the maintenance is expensive and many homeowners do not save for the upkeep of their home or they can’t do it with their other expenses. But, remember, the basement is an integral part of the integrity of the structure of the home.  If there is a problem with water in the basement, the structure can suffer, and the expense will be bigger if you keep ignoring the problem.

Contact us,  we are a reputable company with a long history in the community. Plus, we will give you a hassle-free quote that will make sense to you and your finances. 

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