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stock-photo-4258890-interior-abstractThe average annual precipitation for the Northeast Ohio region is close to 40 inches. The Akron area gets about 39.62 inches of rainfall every year, and unless your basement has been taken care of, this amount of rainfall can cause havoc in your home. Making sure all water drainage is away from your home can save you some headaches in the long run. If you are considering having your basement waterproofed, call us, we’ll be happy to talk to you and give you a no hassle free consultation.

Westlake inspectors save woman from $20,000 basement waterproofing repair

Inspection report showed water was from downspouts

WESTLAKE, Ohio – Peggy Oliver of Westlake is desperately looking for a solution to the water issues that are attacking her basement, but she warned consumers to do their homework before signing a big contract for repairs.

Oliver told NewsChannel5 she was stunned when she started to get estimates for basement waterproofing.

I was in deep shock, I really was,” said Oliver. “Just under $20,000, and then there was another one, either $29,000 or $39,000. I said that’s out of the question.”

Oliver signed a $20,000 contract for repairs, and issued a $6,400 down payment on the job 10 days ago.

Oliver told NewsChannel5 she was comfortable with the diagnosis and the company that she hired to shore-up the water problem in her basement.

What to expect with basement waterproofing

A wet basement can be a homeowner’s nightmare.

From a finished basement that’s soaked to a basement with persistent leaks or dampness, water is no friend to your home.

If you’ve experienced leaking walls, floors or cracks in your home’s basement, it’s likely you need the help of an experienced basement waterproofing contractor.

But you’ll quickly find there are a variety of choices in basement waterproofing repairs or systems designed to tackle the problem, as well as opinions about which one is the most effective.

Start with the source

Waterproofing basement can be done any time of the year

What do you do when water shows up in your basement?

Record-breaking rains in recent days have left many homeowners asking that question for the first time.

“You can have a house for 50 years and not have a single drop in the house the entire time. But with how moist the ground is, the house can just settle and move a little bit and water can enter into the basement,” Dick LaCroix, whose company Basement Dewatering is one of several Sioux Falls area businesses that has been busy answering the phones in recent days.

Nate Proper, director of marketing and advertising at Blackburn Basement Systems, said people with flooded basements should first get any furniture and belongings to higher ground before water seeps into the basement and do what they can to stop the water from coming in, whether it be bailing or another method.

If water does enter the basement, Proper said water proofing companies can try to determine what needs to be done to prevent future flooding.

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