Basement waterproofing cost – information on comparison Part 1

Whether you have  basement water leaks and have begun the process of comparing basement waterproofing companies or are just starting your research there are some things you should know about what gos into basement waterproofing cost and I’ll break them down into two areas: company and basement waterproofing methods (see Part 2).

The basement waterproofing contractors may all look pretty similar in your area on the surface especially in today’s world of the Internet.  I can start up a business today and make it look like a 25 year old established and successful company very easily.  Here are some things to compare when considering basement waterproofing companies that directly affect the basement waterproofing cost :

  • time in businessNew companies are looking for market share and often low ball pricing in order to get started.  Statistic show however that over 80% of new small businesses fail within the first 2 years.  That many again in the next five.  Look at the Better Business Bureau’s record for when the business was incorporated for a general idea.  Beware of companies that advertise “years experience”.  This is a red flag for new in business otherwise they will state the year founded or “in business since”.
  • labor force. Many if not most construction companies use subcontractors and most of those subs do not carry insurance because it is simply very expensive.  Using subcontractors can mean inexperienced labor which leads to a lower quality project.  No insurance means you are personally liable if anyone gets hurt in your home.  Check Workers Compensation certificates!  Cutting corners cuts cost which lowers the price but it is a gamble that many wish they had not taken.
  • track record. Look at complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.  Do not simply look at the “grade”.  The BBB grading system allows for “A” even with a pattern of complaints if the complaints are responded to, even if the customer was not satisfied with the response.  Get referralsAsk for older installs as well as some more recent, make them dig for references rather than allow them to hand you the same three raving fans they give out all the time.  
  • Check Angie’s List. This is a great way to prescreen contractors of any type.  You will read actual customer feedback in their own words and see a grading scale that looks at several areas of product and service deliverables, including info on basement waterproofing cost.

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