Basement Waterproofing Basic Guide

There are only a handful of basement waterproofing companies that can give you an honest answer to the problems in your basement.  There are many companies on the other hand that will outright confuse you with an explanation of your problems that doesn’t make sense and will give you a big price to go along with the confusion.

Water can only enter the basement of your home  from three different places:

  1. The basement walls
  2. The basement floor, and
  3. The seam where the floor meets the walls

There are two types of water that can enter the basement of your home.

  1. Surface water
  2. Groundwater

Surface water is any body of water above ground. Rain and melted snow that sits around the foundation of your home is surface water that will penetrate the walls of your foundation and possibly the basement floor. Groundwater, on the other hand, is water that you find underground, beneath the land surface in the basement of your home.

The basement systems that waterproofing companies can sell you involve a drainage system that will take the water from the basement of your home to the outside.  Those drains can be installed in the inside or the outside of your basement.

It is a  huge problem to have water in the basement of your home, but the solution and the price to fix the problem doesn’t need to be confusing or too expensive. After an initial consultation with a reputable company, the problem, price, and solution to the water in the basement should be very clear to you.

You should be able to ask:

  1. Where is the water coming from?
  2. Is it surface water or groundwater?
  3. Will the system installed be on the outside or the inside of the house?
  4. Will the sump pump be included?

What Are the Types of Waterproofing?

There are only two basement waterproofing systems that should be offered to you?

  1. Interior basement waterproofing, and
  2. Exterior basement waterproofing

Interior Basement Waterproofing will be most likely offered to you if the water is coming from two places:

  1. Where the floor meets the walls, or
  2. The basement floor

Exterior Basement waterproofing is a true and proven solution to waterproofing your basement.  It stops the water from entering the walls and causing damage to the foundation and jeopardizing the integrity of the foundation as well.  

What Are My Options?

Exterior Basement Waterproofing will probably be offered to you if signs of water damage are visible on any part of the basement walls. This means surface water is entering the walls of the foundation of your home.

If you live in Ohio, check out our basement waterproofing and foundation repair service areas.

When you have a wet or leaky basement, there are many confusing thoughts about how to get a dry, livable space and get rid of the water, humidity, mold, and mildew plaguing your home. Finding a solution should not be too confusing or stressful, and it should not let your finances trembling because of bad advice.

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