Basement Humidity Control

Tips for Basement Humidity Control

Are you having these problems in your basement in Ohio?

  • Musty Odors
  • Mildew on Boxes and Stored Items
  • Stale Basement Air
  • Are you experiencing Allergies or Headaches?
  • Is your Dehumidifier running all the time?
  • Are you tired Of Dumping buckets of water?

Get rid of that unnecessary basement humidity and make your basement air into freshier, healthier, and more comfortable air that feels the same as air in other areas of your home.  No more expensive, electric hungry dehumidifiers with messy water buckets to empty!

Call a Pioneer Basement Solutions, a basement waterproofing company that also has many basement solutions to help you improve your Ohio basement. We can improve your home.

Humidity control systems are recommended for all finished basements. Especially in North East Ohio these units are a big help.  These units also are a great way to protect the contents of storage only basements from moldy mildew odors as well as improving the air quality for the improved health of your family.

Want to improve your basement and control basement humidity?  Call today for a free no obligation inspection of your specific basement needs and to learn more about our humidity control systems. Click here for our contact info or to schedule a FREE Estimate.

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