Basement Finishing Cost

What is a typical basement finishing cost?

A recent article published by the National Association of Realtors stated that according to their research the average basement finishing cost is $51,000 and the return on investment was 90%.

Obviously the size of the area finished and the materials used will greatly impact your basement finishing cost. The least expensive method used is wood studs and drywall. At least up front. Because drywall and wood are very absorbent, they are havens for mold and mildew which cause damage. That damage will increase your overall basement finishing cost over time due to costly repairs.

The most expensive methods have been fabric covered fiberglass panels. This method was introduced about fifteen years ago and has recently seen a fall in popularity due largely to it’s modular look.

The latest materials available today give you all benefits of drywall, strong, washable, paintable and also give you mold mildew and water resistance for a lifetime installation. To investigate this further visit and click on basement finishing.

Your basement finishing cost could range from between $10,000 and well over $50,000 so it is important to first plan what you would like to accomplish and set a project budget. A “wish list” may help you to determine what you want and what you need to accomplish your goals.

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