Basement Dehumidifier – Why Humidex is a Good Alternative

Basement Dehumidifier – Why Humidex is a Good Alternative

First of all, why use a basement dehumidifier in the first place?  Its no secret that excessive basement moisture, if left unchecked, can cause a slew of problems.  For example, basement moisture can contribute to mold growth, musty smells, poor air quality in the home, and even structural problems.  However, it is not difficult to keep moisture under control with proper ventilation.  For this reason, many homeowners will utilize a basement dehumidifier.  While this is undoubtedly better than nothing at all and can certainly help to keep moisture under control, it is not the only option out there.

What is Humidex and How Does it Work?

Humidex is a patented moisture control and ventilation system.  The system works in three steps:

Step 1 – Expel

Moisture naturally seeps in through the foundation and accumulates from normal daily activities.  This heavy, moisture-laden air settles at the floor level of the basement and crawl space.  The Humidex system draws in this stagnant, damp, contaminated air to the bottom vents of the unit by a powerful, yet quiet, ventilation fan.  The air is then expelled to the outside of the house through a dedicated duct.

Step 2 – Replenish

This flushed-out, contaminated air is then replaced with a flow of relatively drier, warmer and fresher air drawn downward from the upper levels. The warmer air will lower the relative humidity and reduce the condensation on the basement surface. The interior upstairs air is then replaced with cleaner, fresher outdoor air entering the home naturally through windows, doors, and cracks.

Step 3 – Ventilate

The Humidex system is automatically controlled by an adjustable humidistat that regulates the flow of air.  The fan will adjust according to the humidity level.  At a high rate, which is only at peak times, it will be equivalent to two bathroom fans. In maintenance mode it’s a fraction of that, enough to meet the minimum air exchange required.

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Humidex vs. Dehumidifiers

Consider some of the advantages of Humidex:

  • Cheaper to run.  The average monthly cost for electricity is $3.  Humidex only uses 38 watts, even on the highest setting.  On the other hand, dehumidifier wattage can translate to $40 to $70 per month.
  • Maintenance free.  Unlike a dehumidifier, there are no filters to clean or replace.  Moreover, there are no buckets to empty.
  • Provides ventilation.  Dehumidifiers recirculate the same air, over and over.  Humidex effectively expels all types of contaminants and pollutants in the entire house and replenishes it with fresher and healthier air.
  • Covers a larger area.  A dehumidifier has a limited range.  In fact, multiple units may be required to effectively control moisture in a large area.  One Humidex provides moisture control for the entire basement, crawl space, and the upper levels as well.

If you would like to learn more, you can do so by clicking here to visit the Humidex website.  You may also contact us for a free* estimate.

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